Dr. Ron Sheffield


Ron is a member of the Quechan Indian Tribe of Fort Yuma Arizona, social scientist, Professorial Lecturer of Organizational Leadership and Learning within The George Washington University's Graduate School of Education, and adjunct Professor of Leadership Studies within the Leadership and American Studies Department at Christopher Newport University in Newport News Virginia. He is a graduate of The George Washington University in Washington D.C. in Leadership with a focus on Human & Organizational Learning.

His doctoral research was conducted on the Fort Yuma Quechan Indian Reservation and was titled, "The Influence of Language on Culture and Identity: Resurgence of the Quechan Native American Tribal Language." Ron interviewed many respected tribal elders seeking to understand the influence that language restriction, and then later legitimization by the Federal government, had on their individual perspectives of culture and identity.

Dr. Sheffield is also the Managing Director of OrgScience Incorporated, a Native American firm focused on stretegic CyberSecurity and Technology Consulting and leadership training, research, and development. In October 2016, Ron and his wife expanded OrgScience to also include an individual and family counseling practice in Williamsburg Virginia. This division of OrgScience does business as "New Town Counseling Center" and provides a caring team of professionals dedicated to the well-being of humanity. www.NewTownCC.com