Elk Valley Rancheria

'Aeeyekwee'! Nek 'n-ew Chase. I am Yurok, Hoopa, Klamath, and Modoc; and I am an enrolled member of Elk Valley Rancheria. I attended the California Tribal College where I was certified in Tribal Leadership and Governance, and I am currently attending Utah Valley University where I am pursuing a bachelor's degree in Integrated Studies of American Indian Studies and Peace and Justice Studies. Over the previous two summers I have been working for my tribe at Elk Valley Rancheria in the Tribal Government and Business internship I helped to create. This program has helped me to better understand the needs and functions of our nation up close via hands-on experience. The experience gained through my internship at Elk Valley has given me a clearer vision of how I can best serve my community.

"I believe that AIBL will provide me with great experience through this internship program, giving me the tools and experience that I will need in the future for positions in tribal leadership, governance, and business."

After I complete my education and gain the experience needed I plan on returning to work for my tribal government and community. I believe that the education and experience I am reaching for is necessary in being qualified to provide the highest quality of work that is needed by the nation. In my spare time, I enjoy being around friends and family, dancing, singing, learning, sports, hunting, fishing, and being active. Wokhlew!

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