Updated: May 5

Chippewa Cree

I am a Freshman at the University of Montana. I was born near Red Pheasant, Saskatchewan and I grew up in Rocky Boy, Montana. I am the youngest of six, so not only did I have my parents to guide me I also had my siblings to teach me. I was raised among many strong women that shaped me into the person I am today. The sacrifices they made has given me the drive to break glass ceilings and the resiliency to make the most of my failures.

"I hope to learn about how Native Communities are working towards economic independence."

My friend and I are establishing a mentor program for Native students, called AIME, at the University of Montana. AIME is an established organization based out of Australia. We want to help students on the reservation graduate high school and attend college by offering support and guidance through mentorship. We need representation in professional fields. By helping other young Native American students reach their potential we can all build better communities together.

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