I was born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado. I am a 20 year old Global Business Major and Spanish Minor at Metropolitan State University of Denver. My most cherished time then, like it is now, is when I get to see my family and have fun, peacful gatherings with them. Living the busy lifestyle that I do now helped throw things back into perspective, and it also highlights the things that are truly important to me. Growing up with no siblings, the word family has come to mean a great deal to my relationships with people who don't share the same blood as me. I have brothers and aunts and uncles and grandparents that I don't share blood with, but family is much much more than the people we cannot chose to be connected with. I value loyalty, consciousness, awareness, and proactiveness, and these values come to light through my work, and my passion for education and expanding my mind. I work two jobs currently, one with an outreach program where I get to work with middle and high school students, and the other at a sports bar. A great work ethic is something I learned from my family, and it is something I hold dear to my heart today. I believe in working hard not only because of how I was raised, but also because it keeps me sane. Not an obsessive compulsive type, but I cannot rest easy if I'm not in pursuit of a goal or higher meaning.

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