Dire Wolf Digital / Denver Colorado

Yá’át’ééh shí éí Kelby yinishyé my clans are Nát’oh dine’e Táchii’nii nishtį, Kinyaa’áanii bashushchiin, Honágháahnii dashicheíí, Tsi’naajinii dashinalí. This is how I identify myself as Diné.

I am in my sixth semester at Navajo Technical University and I'm a Junior in the Bachelors of Applied Science program; I have dedicated my field of study to Information Technology. I excel in my studies and in my life because of the tradition passed onto me and what it means to be Navajo. This is a very significant part of my identity. I follow the values instilled in me through ceremonies, prayers, and teachings in my everyday life. I give thanks and pray to the holy people daily so that I am connected with my ancestors. This connection to the holy ones has made me a stronger individual in body, mind and spirit. The teachings and prayer of those who came before me encourage me to push for my eduaction and believe that I can achieve anything I dream of. With this mindset I am unstoppable.

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