Updated: May 5

Ya’at’eeh (Greetings),

Shik’ei doo shidine’e shi ei Kimberly yinishye. Tse Nahailnii nishli Todich’ii’ nii

bashishchiin Tabaaha’ dashicheii Naakaii Dine’e dashinali. Hello, my name is Kimberly Jake

and my clans are the sleeping rock people clan, born for the bitter water people clan, my paternal grandparents are the water edge people clan, and my maternal grandparents are the Mexican people clan. This is who I am as a Navajo woman. I am from a little place called Chi-chil-tah, NM on the Navajo Nation Reservation. This spring 2019 semester, I will be completing my junior year at Dine College in Tsalie, Arizona with and expected Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration. Through the outreach search of the campus and the AIBL club I discovered the American Indigenous Business Leaders Internship Program and after a closer review of your program, as well as the actual internship requirements. The AIBL program is a great match to my interest and personal background in multi-service utility industry. I see this as an excellent opportunity to enrich my degree, as well as my personal experience. I am a hardworking individual who pays very serious attention to her studies. In addition, I also work very well with others. In fact, what helped me to pull through school and get good grades was my willingness to work along with others. I never knew the Dine’ cultural principle:

Nitsahhakees, Nahata, Iina, Siihasin. Using the Dine’ Principles, is essential and relevant to self- identity, respect and wisdom in helping me achieve my career goals successfully. Dine’ College has taught me the values of education from traditional to modern learning. Dine’ College as also taught me that being a female Native American with an education is beautiful and that I can accomplish anything I do when I put my mind to it. With this internship it will help me gain more experiences to my goal in reopening the Trading Post in my community. Making a difference to me with my education and looking toward the future to my life. Next level to my education is set higher standard with this internship and gaining a better understand on how to run a business smoothly. It is my pleasure to accept this internship, showing that any Native American can go out in the world to turn their dreams into reality.

Ahe’hee’ (Thank You)


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