Equipping Indigenous leaders

The mission of AIBL is to increase the representation of American Indians and Alaska Natives in business and entrepreneurial ventures through education and leadership development opportunities.

Equipping young indigenous leaders

it’s what we do

At AIBL, our goal is to equip young Indigenous Business Leaders to lead enterprise in their own communities. We do this by providing support in three key areas:

1. Leadership Development at our National Conference

2. Scholarship Support for post-secondary education

3. Culturally appropriate paid internships and mentoring opportunities with Corporate, Tribal and small business partners

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AIBL Statistics

As a direct result of completing our internship program, our 2020 cohort of students reported tremendous growth.



In professional skills



In soft skills



In communication skills

Launching 2022

Mentoring Program


For Students

AIBL is the only American Indigenous non-profit organization solely dedicated to empowering business students in the United States.  Our programs are designed to engage students in activities that stimulate, enhance, and expand educational experiences beyond traditional academic methods.  All students are encouraged to participate in AIBL regardless of race, academic major, or career objectives.



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Looking for interns?

When you hire an AIBL student you will get a problem solver with a diverse background and unique skill set. AIBL students are leaders within their communities who show up every day determined to make a difference. When an AIBL Student joins your organization, you will be working with top indigenous talent and expanding your workforce in a meaningful way.


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Meet our students

Meet our students