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AIBL’s National Business & Leadership Student Conference is designed to give Indigenous students and professionals access to relevant business information and expertise, offering a variety of activities geared specifically to enhance and expand educational experiences beyond what is taught through traditional academic methods. Students compete for prizes in Business Plans, Community Projects, and Elevator Pitch competitions. Our students participate in culturally appropriate financial literacy and business plan training to give them practical skills to become successful business leaders in our Native communities.



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Business plan competition

The Business Plan Competition is an opportunity for students to prepare and increase their knowledge and enhance their business, entrepreneurial, and academic experience. 

The competition is intended to provide an educational experience for students by learning the process of creating and presenting a business plan. Each business plan will be created through the efforts of all participating students with the guidance of business mentors and will be presented as a team at the AIBL Conference. Business Plan Competition teams are under no obligation to implement their plans. The competition is ideal for Native students who:

  • Have a passion to create positive change within their local native communities
  • Have started a business or have an idea to ​start a business
  • Are interesting in enhancing their ​conceptual, organizational, written, and oral presentation skills
  • Wish to demonstrate their ability to ​clearly communicate an idea to a group of experts and peers

The competition is separated into three divisions; High School, Tribal College, University and has a first, second, and third place winner:

  • 1st: $1,000
  • 2nd: $500
  • 3rd: $250

Chapter of
the Year

The Chapter of the Year competition highlights the unique and dedicated work of AIBL Chapters through a presentation summarizing past and present activities, leadership activities, integration of Indigenous Culture, community service projects, and fundraising efforts.

The competition is separated into three divisions; High School, Tribal College, and University with a $1,000 cash prize in each category. 

    advisor of
    the Year

    Advisor of the Year honors one AIBL Chapter Advisor for their dedication, hard work, support, and community engagement efforts.  

      elevator pitch

      This contest will be set up as an experience on stage with a student, the audience, and judges panel. It’s a 60 second business speech of what a student would do and why someone should hire, partner, invest or collaborate with them. It’s called an “Elevator Pitch” because it describes the challenge: “How would you explain your business, idea, plan, or project if fate placed you in an elevator with your dream prospect and you only had the time it takes to get from the bottom of the building to the top?”

      The competition is separated into three divisions and has a first, second, and third place winner:

      • 1st: $300
      • 2nd: $200
      • 3rd: $100


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