Mentoring program

Each year, the Mentoring Program welcomes 30-45 Indigenous college students to strengthen professional skillsets and personal resilience through training, mentoring, and network opportunities–empowering youth business leaders with the experience necessary to lead economic endeavors within their communities.  

Our curriculum, called Holistic Indigenous Business Leadership, incorporates a holistic and culturally responsive approach to leadership. We believe healthy, awareness-led leaders are better role models, communicators, teammates, and business leaders. 

Funded by the Administration for Native Americans, the Mentoring Program provides the following training, mentoring, and networking opportunities:

  • Paid travel to the AIBL Conference
  • Paid travel to the Leadership Retreat
  • Nike N7/AIBL custom business backpack
  • 1:1 calls with a top-level business mentor
  • 1:1 calls with an AIBL mentor
  • Professional headshot
  • New HP laptop

Application Requirements:

  • Age 18-27
  • Student at a college/university
  • Member of an AIBL chapter or willing to join or start a chapter
  • Ability to participate in all Mentoring Program activities
  • Maintain good standing with your AIBL Chapter
  • Stay active with AIBL Chapter activities

Time Commitment:

  • Two-day Leadership Retreat
  • Two-day AIBL Conference
  • Three, 60-minute calls with a top-level business professional that is matched to your career interests
  • Three, 30-minute calls with the AIBL mentor
  • 15-minute evaluation assessment upon start and completion of the program

Application is open for the 2024 Mentoring Program from September 4 through September 29. 
































      Meet Our Cohort

      The information, including but not limited to text, graphics, images, activities, workbooks, and other material shared in the Mentoring Program is for informational purposes only. Information shared is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment before undertaking a new healthcare or healing regimen.

      advanced Mentoring program

      Each year, ten students from the Mentoring Program are invited to participate in the Advanced Mentoring Program that is fully funded through our generous partner Synchrony Financial.

      Students are invited to a two-day Development Retreat. Day one focuses on four professional development areas in career development, interviewing, presentation, and communication skills. Day two focuses on four personal development areas related to values, boundaries, authenticity, and trauma healing. Each student is paired with an AIBL and professional mentor for resume coaching, business etiquette, project management, presentation creation, and skillset identification.

      Development Retreat

      Two Day Retreat in Bozeman, Montana

      Day 1: Professional Development
      • Goal-setting strategies for career development
      • Sharpen interviewing skills
      • Improve presentation skills
      • Strengthen workplace communication skills
      Day 2: Personal Development
      • Discover personal values
      • Learn how to set healthy boundaries
      • Find your authentic self
      • Deepen healing through the medicine wheel

      Professional Mentorship

      Three, Monthly Virtual Sessions

      Business Mentor
      • Resume coaching
      • Business etiquette
      • Mentee/mentor choice
      AIBL Mentor
      • Presentation creation
      • Highlighting skillsets
      • Mentee/mentor choice
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